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This website is dedicated to each of you my fellow Alumni, collectively we are the Classes of Alhambra High School and Alhambra Union High School whether we were Panthers or Bulldogs and we have a great story to tell. 

We invite you to go to the Alumni page on this site and visit the links to the many classes of Alhambra graduates.  There you should find the information about past and upcoming reunions for that class year along with updates of classmate’s lives.

The History section of the website contains over 2,400 stories about Alhambra from the beginning in 1901 to present.  Many of our stories come from local newspaper articles with the bulk of stories in the 50’s- through present, however research is ongoing to fill the entire time line.  We have sections on early Martinez Education, The Unified School District, Other Martinez Schools, and the Martinez Community.  Plus 93 Alhambra Yearbooks are on-line.

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The members of the Alhambra Alumni Website were honored to make our second donation of 10 percent of our subscription dollars on January 23, 2012 to the Martinez Unified School District Board of Education.  The check was presented to Bobbie Horack the President of the Board by web administrator David Rich to be used by the Alhambra Students of today.  Please follow this link to see the picture of the presentation.

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